Dear customers,

1.Please forgive my poor English first.  I'm Clark, one engineer from Autel TPMS development team who now take care of Autel TPMS Tech Support work, And I have joined  in the TPMS development for about 4 year in Autel, I'm very glad to show something that is useful to you.  

2.This file will tell you how to look up Autel sensor information and the relearn procedure.  

Here is a website to look up Autel TPMS sensor coverage list:;

3.There are two ways to enter the car and OEM sensor information interface:

1). Select By car:  Select   Market --> Make --> Model--> Year, then it will come out the car and sensor information.  

eg. EU BMW X5 2016,  you can see the the result from picture(SelectByCar.PNG), and if you click the Relearn type "A", it will display the Relearn procedure for this car.

2). Select By OEM Part number : Select the OEM part NO. :36106856209  directly ; It will list all of the cars that use that OEM sensor. You can also check the Relearn procedure the same way. See the picture SelectByOem.PNG.